Promote Your Portfolio

How to write an artists statement:

How to write your artists statement for people who like what they see and want to know more.


Social Media:

Building a contact list of clients through a Facebook page is highly recommended. Create a unique page just to promote and feature your work.



The value of a website is huge to promote your work. Having an online portfolio is easily accessible to your clients and to reaching out to new clients.

Other Online Promotion:

There are several other websites where you can also show your work. See some other examples for promoting online



Sending out e-newsletters to your clients before a show can give you an advantage to have buyers/collectors see your work in advance. NJS sends out a group enewsletter before every major show.


Advertise in Publications:

Several Native magazines Advertise. Check out some publications such as:

Native Peoples Magazine

American Indian Art Magazine

First American Art Magazine

Art & Antiques


Online Banner Ads:

Create online banner ads that can be used on websites that allow advertising. Costs vary.

Indian Country Today


Native Art Network


Build Up Your Client List

Always build your client list. Make sure to get phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc...



Contests are a great way to promote your work.



Photographing Your Portfolio:


We recomend you invest in Digital Lighthouse


How do you take pictures of jewelry?

Photo Editing Software

Photoshop- Worth the investment- Tax right-off




Protect Your Online Portfolio

Copyright and Watermark information


US Copyright Guidelines

Gimp for Windows only- Free but not as extensive as Photoshop. (Gimp Watermnark Tutoria on Youtube)

iWatermark - iPhone/iPad App for Protecting Photos - AppsNTools (Youtube Demo ) Get App from iTunes