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Raynard J Ta'itsohii Scott




My name is Raynard J Ta'itsohii Scott. I was born on September 3rd, 1965, in Los Angeles, California. I am of the Kiny'nii clan (Towering House People), and born for the Dzi?kl'ahnii clan (Mountain Recess People). My parents are Louise J Nelson of Wide Ruins, Arizona, and Raymond J Scott of Teesto, Arizona. I am the eldest of 4 boys and two girls.

Although raised primarily in urban areas, it was important for us to be taught traditional Din values and beliefs. One of the most important is that of reciprocity. In this sense, I take great care and have the utmost respect for my creations, or my "children," as they also take care of my family and me. I talk to my "children" and pray as I work with them. Each of these creations has a part of myself in it, and as a result of breathing life into each one, it has a character and soul all it's own. It is my wish that each of my creations finds a good home: That the person who acquires it will appreciate and have as much joy wearing it as I did creating it.

It's difficult to label a "style" of work that I do. I can only describe it as contemporary, layered sculptures. I enjoy building layers of contrasting textures and designs, complemented by the addition of natural precious and semi-precious stones. The more intricate the design or the further from the norm of "Traditional Jewelry" I get, the more enthusiastic I am about creating. The best compliments are that my creations are "unexpected" and "refreshing."

I also enjoy researching and reading about ancient arts and civilizations. Among my favorites are those of Ancient Egypt, Greek, and classical periods, such as the Renaissance and Victorian Eras. As nothing is really "new" anymore, you may notice an Egyptian or Greek influence in my work. Incidentally, when the Phoenix Art Museum presented the "Splendors of Ancient Egypt" exhibition, I was the artist commissioned to produce the jewelry based on artifacts from that show.

I have exhibited and won awards at many shows, including the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Guild Fair, Red Earth, Gallup Ceremonial, Museum of Man, Indigenous Fine Arts Market, and the British Museum in London. My works are also included in museum and private collections both nationally and internationally.

Naturally, I haven't gone without influences in my life and career. First and foremost would have to be my parents, who initiated my jewelry-making training at the age of seven. Other prominent figures would have to be: Raymond Yazzie, whose personal philosophy and masterful execution are simply awe-inspiring. When I see his work, I can only shake my head and smile. Once you've been introduced to Raymond, his family, and his creations, you'll know there is indeed Harmony in this world. Next would have to be my brother, Boyd Tsosie. Boyd also does masterful work, with a keen eye for design. His designs are never too much, nor too little. Like Indian Love, it's always "just right." Very insightful, he has always been a good brother, a spiritual advisor, and most importantly, a good friend. Thirdly, there is Charles Supplee. Chuck is a wonderful and affable person who has exhibited to me the power of imagination. A definite "artist's artist," I could spend hours appreciating and being mesmerized by his work. Lastly, but by no means least, there is my sixth grade teacher, Mr. William Barnett. Mr. Barnett instilled in me that we are bound only by the limits we place on ourselves - that by desire, perseverance, and dedication, we can accomplish any goal we aim for in our lives. His influence continues as I impart his ideals to my family.

To these people I owe a great debt of gratitude. They have touched the lives of my family and me, and we have a greater appreciation for the good in the hearts of others.

The path I travel has been a very interesting one. At times it's been like driving on a freeway - smooth and fast. But along every road there are potholes, some bigger and bumpier than others. There have also been curves that took me by surprise. In retrospect, I can say that I have no regrets: I have met many colorful & creative people, and had many wonderful experiences that make the trials and tribulations of being an artist a marvelous odyssey.

If one were to ask me what my own philosophy is after all this, I would have to answer, "Keep it real." I can be just as symbolic and transcendental as the next artist, but I have a family to provide for and to be there for. We are all responsible for where we are in our lives. In the end, I would much rather be remembered as a great dad, partner, and friend than a great artist. Hopefully, in this process of human growth, I may one day be all of these...

Axhh' d d'holy (Thank you and take care).




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