Jeweler Profile

Ray D. Garcia - "Rayduck"

San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico




Ray was born into a family of jewelry and pottery artists. He is from the Corn Clan and lives in San Felipe Pueblo.


Ray’s interest in jewelry began at the age of ten as he began to work with his family, cutting and grinding Turquoise stones and shells for making heishi necklaces for traditional wear and to sell to tourists. This provided income for their family.


At the age of sixteen he was formally introduced to silversmith work by his Mother and a teacher at Santa Fe Indian School. Upon graduation from Santa Fe Indian School at the age of Seventeen he joined the United States Navy. During his travels to many different countries while in the United States Navy, Ray experienced many different cultures and art which inspired him. Some of this influence is inherent in the pieces that he creates.


All of Ray’s jewelry pieces are created using his hands. He cuts and fashions his stones for use in his jewelry pieces along with casting and fabrication methods using Sterling Silver in Tufa stone and Cuttlebone.


Ray has won various awards for his jewelry pieces at The Heard Museum Indian Art Market in Phoenix, Arizona, Red Earth Indian Art Market in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Cahokia Mounds Contemporary Indian Art Show, in Collinsville, Illinois and the Artesian Arts Festival in Sulphur, Oklahoma. And has also exhibited his work at the Southwestern Indian Art Market in Tucson, Arizona, Indian Summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Haskell Indian Art Market in Lawrence, Kansas and SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Ray believes the his gift of making his art comes from the Creator and will continue to grow as he challenges himself using old and learning new techniques in his jewelry pieces.


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