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Meet Diné (Navajo) artist Nanibaa Beck! Nanibaa Beck's work embraces the idea of being 'traditional as innovative’. Her modern designs have deeper meaning. Some are based on Navajo Nation creation stories and others include the dine language in her jewelry line. She has collaborated with artist, J.Silm. Of the Fourth World Emergence earrings (pictured here,  and in Nanibaa’s gallery), J. Silm says, "The bottom of the earrings of are waves from the flood in the third world that forced the beings of the Third World to emerge to the Fourth. The center is the female reed that transported the beings to the Fourth World... A world of light, hence the sunshine at the top. The Third World was dark. The earring is shaped like a locust, 'cause it was the first being to emerge into the Fourth World, and it was that being who got acceptance from the beings of the Fourth World to approve of the migration of beings from the Third World."




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      Rail Squash Blossoms with Natural Turquoise
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      Dancing Jacla Coral 4in x .5in
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      Hollow Form Inlay Pendant Necklaces
    4. Jewelry Image 4

      Lapis n Light SB Necklace - Double Side Inlay Turquiose Lapis Necklace- Lapis side
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      Silver Bead necklace with 14k Gold Duo inlay

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      Jewelry Image 1
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      Jewelry Image 2
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      Jewelry Image 3
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      Jewelry Image 4
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