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James Perry







I am a new artist of new creations. My specialty is the lost wax process and for now, casting in Sterling Silver.  A lot of what I create is in honoring my family history and the Navajo Traditions of an era past but yet still openly practice by me.  
My family used to be the host family for traveling healers and medicine-people prior to the 20th century. My family would hand gather these rough stones, set them out on sheep-skins and allow these individuals to pick and take these items home for ceremonial purposes.  

Hence, my usage of these stones in the creation of my jewelry. I do not commercially mine these stones unlike what you see in regular jewelry stores. My jewelry is a living template for these gems: to reside on, to travel & to protect the new owners.
This has been our Navajo family tradition and this is my preservation of our ceremonial history and how I honor my ancestors.

I project that in my continual new line of jewelry creations.

This list below corresponds with the pictures of my current created works.

  • Arrowhead- Polished Sterling silver pendant with 1.5 caret Peridot on red leather strap
  • CouncilFire-  Sterling Silver ring with 2.0 caret Oval Peridot
  • Flower- Sterling Silver necklace with 2.5 caret Peridot on black leather strap
  • Opposite- Nambe’ silverware inspired necklace on black leather strap
  • Peridot- Morning glory with Peridot gems
  • Remembrance- 2-piece interlocking sterling silver necklace with separate leather straps.

Location: Durango Colorado  

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