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Gene is a full blooded Native American of the Dine’ (Navajo) Nation. He was born in to the Todich’ii’nii Clan (Bitterwater Clan) and born of the To’aheedliinii Clan (Water Flow Together Clan).  Gene was raised in Nahodishgish, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation USA. and now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.

 Gene has taught himself to respect and work with Sterling Silver, Gold and various metals.  There are no boundaries and limits to his art. Gene desires to express himself with a paradox of classical art and beauty through a modern and creative form of art.

The sculptures and Jewelry are created out of Precious metals.  He gives form to metal with only minimal tools of the metalsmith.  Shapes emerge with beauty that is exceptional, unique and one of a kind. The subjects that come from mind to life regarding his creations are spontaneous interpretations of his culture.

Art pieces that contain turquoise, gem stones, and other natural materials are of the utmost quality.  Each piece is created individually to reflect the profound human warmth that brings the sculpture and jewelry to life. With opportunities to obtain new tools and equipment, Gene choose to use and appreciate the tools and techniques passed down from generations. 

Being a  self taught artiste, Gene believes the simple things in life are momentous.

“I aspire to obtain the impression that less means more.
 Many of the my creations show the simple flow of formation. As I gain more knowledge further into different subject matter and techniques, I aim to explore and challenge myself in creating art and everyday living. I believe collectors of the art world will greatly appreciate and capture my Contemporary Art with Indigenous and Traditional uniqueness.”




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